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The most significant advantage of using the MDeRx complete range of products is that it helps to get properly organised .Right from taking appointent of the doctor , to prescription writing up to organising the medical test and ultimately delivery of medication at the patient's doorstep.All these procedures are organised and automated in a seamless manner .You can view the details of your patients any time anywhere even on your mobile
We help you to streamline your front office or reception. Patient can get online appointment & online check in before their arrive.Also send them automatic appointment reminders and save your staff hours on the phone.Coordinate patient care with a unified practice management system. Consolidate provider and staff responsibilities with a comprehensive system that organizes patient information before, during and after the visit.
We help to Improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease entities.Our system not only due to proper documentation of records but also timely delivery of healthcare . Doctor while examining and writing the prescription is able to see all the earlier progress reports , On the dashboard one is able to see the pathology and other reports which can be utilised for timely diagnosis and treatment .While writing the prescriptions the medications are typed correct and the dosages are also correct. It eliminates the errors .

Designed keeping in mind the problems of indian healthcare scenario

In collaboration with the top most healthcare professionals

Industry’s leading security features

Designed for personalized practices

All accounting needs solved

Connectivity with pharmacy & lab

MDeRx Offers one stop shop for the accounting needs of the patients . All registrations done at the front office are charted along with the payment reciepts . There is no need to maintain a seperate ledger for accounting of the consultation fees The records of the patients and the payments can be printed anytime and be used for accounting purposes .The payment reciepts can be printed retrieved any time.

we offer compelete flexibility of use from a basic model helping in appointment, managing the clinic, Electronic medical records , Apps for use of doctors and also for patients. The doctors can use for maintaining the records of patients attending the clinic. which can be utilised for accounting and improving the efficiency.

Due to integration of laboratory and pharmacy , the prescriptions flow from the clinic to the pharmacy and laboratory electronically .which than deriver the medicines at home at discount . Similarily the laboratory appointments can be organised and the samples can be collected from the comfort of home . The reports can be delivered on through the App on the mobile and also reach the treating doctor.
Any time anywhere availability of the health records through the internet, which is also available on the mobile phones .This helps them 24x7 connectivity. Doctors can access the records of the patients anytime anywhere on the go .Patient can see the prescriptions anytime seek appointment of the doctors and also communicate with the doctors .Communicate important messages with the patients at a click of a button.

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