Advantage of MDeRx Products

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For Patients

From the patient's perspective the benefits of using our products include:

  • Every patient get a unique Medical record number by using that MR Number patient can book his appointment, can purchase medicine, and can collect his test details & many more.
  • Any time anywhere availability of the health records through the internet, which is also available on the mobile phones .This helps them 24x7 connectivity.
  • Improved diagnosis and treatment of disease entities due to proper documentation of records.
  • Significantly fewer number of errors found within personal health records. Correct dispensation of medicines and also laboratory tests. Many patients in India even die because of medical errors such as wrong medicine names / tests.
  • Faster health care delivery and care It helps in faster decision making responses from assigned medical professionals. For example patient can order the medicines which can be delivered to the doorstep of the patient even before patient reaches home after visiting the doctor.
  • No need to carry your health records while visiting to your doctor.
  • Online Appointment with the Doctors and Laboratory at ease and comfort of the home.
  • Online Check In to the Clinic save allot of time.

For Doctors

From the viewpoint of doctors and health practitioners there are numerous other advantages of implementing electronic medical records:

  • Improved results management and patient care with a reduction in errors within your medical practice as patients get proper legible typed records which he can understand, leading to more professional practice.
  • As per MCI guidelines all doctors are supposed to keep the medical records of the patients for at least 2 years which they have to produce in court if required.
  • Time is saved as in the earlier prescriptions the diagnosis, clinical findings, medication are saved which can be easily copied saving precious time in subsequent visits.
  • Reduced operational costs such as transcription services and documentation and record keeping.
  • Advanced e-Prescribing which can be seen on the mobile phones, laptops etc. Also doctors are able to give legible typed prescriptions.
  • Most of the Physicians in India see a large number of patients but the documentation of various diseases and clinical conditions is very poor. By using the analytics of this system not only proper documentation is done but also better research and academics.
  • Using the MDeRx easy pro practice management system the number of errors in the diagnosis and medication are eliminated.
  • Improved profits of the healthcare practice, enhanced through the ability to more accurately and efficiently process patient billing.
  • The ability to quickly transfer patient data from one department to the next is a huge asset.
  • The space saving benefit of a digital records environment.
  • The ability to ultimately increase the number of patients served per day for enhanced patient workflow and increased productivity. Customizable and scalable electronic medical records that can grow with your practice

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